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Avant Garden

Venue Description

AvantGarden was founded by Mariana in 2007, creator and owner of Mausoleum Café Bar and Helios Art Center since 1995.

"Whether you pick blues on a six-string or spin dance records on the decks, AvantGarden will give you a place to perform."

The rambling converted three-story house on lower Westheimer has a total of three performance areas: There are stages upstairs, downstairs and one outdoors for special occasions. On any given night you might find erotic poets, theater plays, belly dancers, hip-hoppers, rockers, mods, hippies, punks and goths, or any combination thereof. Best of all, virtually every band there is local.

"Owner Mariana knows that talent seldom arrives fully formed, and it's places like hers where legends are brought into the world kicking and screaming." - Houston Pres

Booking Information

Venue Details

Venue Type:




~90 in each room

Property Location

411 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

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