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houston music classifieds presents

Square Solar Flare.png

One Night of some of the Best Music Houston has to Offer

Located on the scenic grounds of the Continental Club, this electrifying event promises to showcase the city's diverse musical talents and captivate audiences. 

Solar Flare is set to become a must-attend gathering, where attendees can discover new sounds, connect with local artists, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of Houston's musical community. Get ready to groove under the Texas sun and experience the magic of Solar Flare!


Solar Flare Line Up

All bands were selected by the HMC team to showcase a variety of Houston artists! You'll see some local favorites and some newer groups!


Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Interested in Being a Festival Sponsor?

There are so many ways to support Solar Flare and Houston Music Classifieds! Having sponsors allows us to elevate the festival and support your business. If you love local artists, we would love to talk to you!

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